Enjoy True Cinnamon from Sri Lanka

Learn more about the history of CinnamonCulinary Truths’ cinnamon is pure and delicate, rich and sweet.  From the ancient forests of Sri Lanka, the historic home of cinnamon, Culinary Truths  is the TRUE cinnamon (L. Cinnamomum Verum).  We preserve the integrity of this ancient spice, through organic farming and socially-responsible production.

Read more and watch our video about the history of Sri Lankan cinnamon.

  • Who We Are

    Culinary Truths is an award-winning, socially-responsible producer of artisan-quality, organic spices from Sri Lanka. Rolling Cinnamon in a safe workplace - About Culinary Truths
  • What We Offer

    We offer delicious Ceylon cinnamon in stick and powder form for both home and professional use. Culinary Truths Cinnamon Products
  • Why What We Do Matters

    We are striving to transform the spice industry in Sri Lanka, person by person, plant by plant. Supporting the Health and Wellbeing of Women and Families
  • The Culinary Truths Difference

    Our Cinnamon is an elegant spice with a distinctive aroma and sweet, delicate flavor. Drying Cinnamon

CULINARY TRUTHS brings Social Responsibility to you in a spice – Cinnamon.